About Us

We’ve Been Robbed

I’ve been robbed.  You’ve been robbed too.  Every single paycheck you’ve ever gotten, every bit of value you’ve generated for this world has had a significant portion plundered from you and those you intended to serve with your labor and creativity. It was stolen and given over to people who you probably wouldn’t freely choose to give a drop of sweat to if they were thirsting to death.  

Some of the worst human beings to ever live are enjoying the high life thanks to your hard work.  They fly around in private jets while crying about climate change and demanding you ride your bicycle to work.  They close down your small businesses saying, “We’re all in this together.” Meanwhile, they have their favorite businesses open just for them to get haircuts and enjoy fine dining without all the bothersome peasants around.  The worst part of all this is that they are funded with money taken from you in the form of taxes and inflation.  

Inflation Is a Hidden Tax

Taxes are a separate issue.  What we’re worried about here is inflation.  The globalist elites control of the banking system gives them the power to rob you a little bit every day without most citizens ever noticing.  This site is devoted to showing you a better way.  

It’s a long shot.  The elites didn’t become elite by being stupid.  But their hubris may open a window for us peasants to carve out a little autonomy for ourselves.  Agorism is the way forward.  By opting out of their system we can take away much of their power.   

Fiat Money Will Fall

The current worldwide fiat monetary system is going to collapse soon.  I’m sure the elites already have a new, even worse system set up to replace this one.  They will try to get as many of us to buy into it as possible.  Now there are alternative systems though. We don’t have to just accept whatever Davos hands us.  Precious metals and cryptocurrency is what I’m talking about.  

Precious metals will be important.  But I think the best chance we have at gaining back a little economic freedom is through cryptocurrencies.  Yeah, I know the elites are salivating at the idea of releasing their own digital money which will give them never before seen abilities to track and control us.  But I believe Bitcoin is outside of their system.  

On this site I’m going to strive to provide education and resources that will help people new to cryptocurrency get in the game.  Crypto is the wild west.  There is a ton of opportunity.  Sadly there are also a ton of scammers.   I’ve been suckered a time or two.  I’ll try to help prevent you from getting suckered by sharing some of my experiences.  

Do Your Own Research

All that said, I am not a financial advisor or investment guru.  Everything on this site should be taken with a whole case of salt.  I’ve been wrong on a lot things.  I’ve lost plenty in bad crypto plays.  I will be wrong again from time to time.  You should not take anything here as investment advice.  It’s just a place to start learning about cryptocurrencies.  I’ll also talk about precious metals and liberty topics from time to time.  Some days, I might just post a silly meme.  

There Will Be Some Commercials

I am going to try to monetize this site at some point.  I will always be providing links that I think will be informative and useful.  Sometimes those links will be affiliate links designed to make me a little money.  When that is the case I will clearly point that out to you.  If you are interested in the product, want it anyway, and don’t mind if I get in on the action then please use the affiliate link.  If not, that’s cool.  I just want you to know what’s going on here.  

It’s time to opt out of the sick system that rewards the worst among us.  It’s time to opt out of fiat.