The Game Is Rigged

Slave Sign

If you somehow didn’t already know, the crew at Wall Street Bets used the company GameStop to prove to you that the game is rigged.  As the late great George Carlin once said, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”  Sure, you might get to enjoy a little success here and there, but the real success and the real wealth is reserved for those who are closely connected to DC power elites and NYC bankers.  

If you know the right people you can enjoy the profits of capitalism while having your losses socialized onto the average American.  Too big to fail right?  It’s happened many times.  I remember it happening in 2000.  But the biggest and most recent debacle was 2008. In 2008 average Americans lost their homes and their retirements. In contrast the greedy power elites got enormous bailouts paid for with taxes reaped from the working class.  

There Is A Way To Fight Back Though.  

You can opt out of the globalists’ financial system.  Not entirely for sure, but you can still carve out a little niche for yourself that the globalists just can’t touch.  You can do it the old fashioned way with precious metals such as gold and silver.  But I think cryptocurrencies are much more promising and Bitcoin is the once and future king of cryptos.  

Deflation Isn’t Evil

Imagine owning something that doesn’t decrease in value a little bit every year like the dollars in your bank account do.  On the contrary, Bitcoin rises in value.  Sure, there is massive volatility, and if you bought Bitcoin in December 2017, you would have had a sad face all the way until November 2020.  The short term fluctuations though are nothing compared to the long term gains.  Bitcoin has been the best investment of the last 10 years by far.  

Is The Bitcoin Bubble Cycle Over?

In 2011 the first Bitcoin bubble happened and created the first Bitcoin millionaires.  That bubble was driven by just a few thousand hardcore computer nerds.  Then the libertarians discovered Bitcoin and drove a new bubble in 2013 creating new all time highs and new millionaires.  Then a bunch of degenerate young mostly male traders discovered Bitcoin and drove it to crazy new highs in 2017.  Now Bitcoin is attracting the attention of some people with some real money.  Billionaires who made their fortunes in Finance 1.0 are moving their wealth to Finance 2.0 to try to preserve it.  

If history repeats, this bull market we’re at the beginning of will pop in a few months to a year, but Bitcoin will still be above its previous 2019 lows when that happens.  However it is very possible with the big money players moving into Bitcoin that the most recent bubble isn’t really a bubble, but is the beginning of mass adoption of Bitcoin as a store of value that will drive prices much higher with no big cliff fall bubble pop.  Time will tell.  

I’m All In  

You do what you want, but I’m all in on cryptocurrency.  I have no hope or confidence in the dollar.  I would like to own some gold and silver for the giant EMP survival scenario, but any future other than the end of the world and I think Bitcoin is a MUCH better bet than gold or silver.  

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